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Services Available

  • Independent inspections and reports
  • Microscopical timber and timber pest identification
  • Timber Treatment analysis (quality control and on-site timber treatments)
  • Gravimetric rising dampness analysis
  • Plaster and hygroscopic salt analysis
  • Training for individuals and groups to Industry standard (CSRT) and beyond.
  • Expert Opinion and Expert Witness
  • Independent Specification of Treatment and Repair
  • Supervision of Treatments and Repairs
  • Indoor climate monitoring (temp: rh: dust: moulds: mites: airborne volatiles: radon: etc)
  • Condensation control; advice and specification
  • Mould sampling and identification (microscopy)
  • Dispute Resolution
  • New Free "tel-'e'-doctor" (email a digital photo we'll provide an opinion) 
  • Guarantees (Is yours worth the paper it's written on?)
  • NEW DRY ROT Detector device (patented) Find dry rot before it rots the wood ***buy online
  • Advice on basement conversions
  • Advice on woodworm: what kind? To treat or not to treat....?
Quality expertise from qualified and experienced personnel


We offer 4 main types of independent information and advice

Survey Services

Non Destructive inspections for dry rot and other timber decay organisms involving the use of fibre optic probes and
sensitive moisture measurement and monitoring techniques.

Accurate identification of the decay organisms their viability and the cause.

Diagnostic assessment of the extent of decay and decay viability within the structure of property

Comprehensive repair specification based on the most up to date principles of decay control

Repairs supervision

Post contract monitoring

Laboratory Analytical Services

Analysis of timber treatment fluids and treated timber

Analysis of wood preservative fungicides and insecticides

Identification of softwood timbers

Gravimetric rising dampness analysis (BRE Digest 245)

Plaster and hygroscopic salt analysis

Fungal and insect microscopical identification.

Air temperature and humidity monitoring for condensation control

Airborne particle monitoring

Moisture mapping and monitoring of drying out of buildings after fire or flood

Training Services

We offer training for those interested in learning about timber decay and related defects.

How to recognise important timber pests and diseases in various stages of development

Where to look for problems What do the problems look like?

What are the correct procedures to follow to eradicate them

When to use a pesticide What pesticide to use

Dry rot and other wood decay eradication procedures without pesticides or with minimal

Safe Pesticide application

How to carry out structural rot repairs properly

How to use moisture meters correctly.

What is rising dampness

When is a new Damp Proof Course required

The correct plastering procedures

Health and Safety and legal aspects of remedial work

Coaching for those taking the Institute exams (CSRT). and Training in the more specialised aspects of remedial work beyond the scope of CSRT

Dispute Intervention Services

We offer an expert opinion service and can arbitrate or mediate in disputes. to promote resolution.

Collecting relevant evidence in legal disputes

Independent surveys and specifications


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